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Greg PlaceGreg Place

Greg Place is from Omaha, Nebraska. There he lives and spends his time writing songs, listening to music, and going out for ice cream. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre from UNO, but soon decided to give up the medium to pursue music. Encouraged by the freedom of expression and total artistic control, Greg set to work on honing his craft that he had largely set aside to pursue his education. After two years he finally got his songwriting muscles in shape and an album of songs started to take shape. Greg made his professional debut at "Mick's Music and Bar" in Benson on May 31st, 2008, opening for Mary Cutrufello. In the summer of 2008 Greg set out for Cherokee Iowa to record an album at Cherokee Recording Studios with the help of Dr. David Klee. Greg played all instruments and knocked out the recordings in two days. Back home Greg enlisted the talents of longtime friend, and fellow Eagle Scout, Dan Naber to work on an album design. So after a month long journey across America in September/October 2008 Greg returned home to gig and write more. He is now currently shaping the routine for the rest of his life; studying music, writing and performing. (Solo acoustic now, but look for a band sometime after January 2009... things should get interesting...)