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Laura Langan Laura Langan

Laura Langan was found, abandoned, on the streets of Calcutta in 1983. Adopted by a steely band of grave robbers, the infant Laura developed an uncanny flexibility being repeatedly squeezed into narrow crypts. Capitalizing on her new talents and innate elasticity, Laura began dancing at the age of 3. She eked out living through dance until age 13, when 70’s TV superstar Sally Struthers happened upon Laura and flew her to America to groom her as a prodigy. Eventually, Laura attended the Grinnell College of Trucking in Grinnell, Iowa, and earned campus-wide acclaim in the meaty role of a truck-driving Willy Loman, in the feminist revision, Death of a Saleswomyn. Laura toured the “Corn and Cattle Circuit,” ending up here in Omaha, in multiple productions of The Blue Barn Theater's Witching Hour, catapulting her to the very pinnacle of Omaha’s late night, urban, underground theater dance movement.