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Madeline RadcliffMadeline Radcliff

Madeline Radcliff is a humanities student at Metropolitan Community College, a member of the Omaha Playwrights Group and an avid participant in the local community theatre scene. She was last seen, in the Omaha Community Playhouse production of A Christmas Carol, as Mrs. Fezziwig, marking her fourth year as a part of the Christmas Carol cast. In October of 2008 she played various roles in the Shelterbelt’s annual production of Shelterskelter (this year the 13th), her first, but certainly not last performance on the Shelterbelt stage. In 2007 her first full length play was featured in the play labs of the Great Plain Theatre Conference and she won best actress. In her free time she plays connect-the-dots with her freckles and rummages around urban dictionary for her friend’s names or youtube for videos of people accidentally hurting themselves.