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Miranda Goure Miranda Goure

Miss Goure is a senior at Bellevue University where she will serve as mistress of ceremonies, act, and dance in the Global Festival. She recently appeared in the filmed portion of Skullduggery Productions' Tape. She performed in the Alternative Forms Writing Showcase at Swarthout Recital Hall in Lawrence, Kansas. She played an Insane Asylum Inmate in Hudson River State Park's production of The Pier of Fear in Manhattan, New York. She acted in Apartment 101 Films' documentary Bugeaters. At the 2008 Great Plains Theatre Conference she performed in Wonderland vs. Hearts, Friar Lawrence's Cell, and Writer's Workshop Play Slam. Miranda has worked as a professional stage manager for the Omaha Theater Company at the Rose Blumkin Performing Arts Center. She is employed in patron services for the Omaha Performing Arts Society at the Orpheum Theatre and Holland Performing Arts Center.