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Beaufield BerryBeaufield Berry

Still a nomad, Beaufield is currently living in Telluride Colorado where she works as a ski lift operator in spite of her undeniable lack of skiing know how. Since the 2006 Great Plains Conference Beau’s last show Ugly Birds was picked up at Philadelphia’s Spark fest 2007 to promising reviews. When her natural penchant for boys, booze and Broadway allow her time Beau is plugging away at her writing career and recently wrapped up her first full length novel 25th and Nowhere; Confessions of a Real Life. Anyone know any good agents?

The Waiting Line

Paul, Vance and Janet are all living with organ failure. Through their three accounts a world most are fortunate enough to never see unfolds. A world of struggle, regret and lives unlived. They’re all waiting for a new beginning.