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Daniel CarrollDaniel Carroll

Daniel Carroll is a recent graduate from Geneseo State University in New York and will hopefully be a graduate student somewhere by the time this is printed. This will be his second appearance as a playwright at the Great Plains Theater Conference, and he’s happy to be bringing yet another comedy about the apocalypse to Omaha. His theatrical endeavors have taken him far and wide in his twenty-one years of life as both an actor and writer, but he has apparently yet to do anything that would warrant a Wikipedia article about him. With a name like Daniel Carroll, he’ll know he’s become a success when he can Google his name and actually get himself. Until that day, he hopes you’ll support his endeavors by at least momentarily paying attention to him. Cheers!

God Costume

God Costume is a speculative comedy about the last thirty minutes of human civilization. Two men, the last two men left alive on the planet, sit in an empty floor of a skyscraper surveying a world devoid of human life. Their conversation eventually leads to the inevitable question: which one of them will be the last? Which one of them will win the human race? Their violent solution to this question inevitably leads to one of the most grandiose consolation prizes ever conceived, and the perfect interaction to conclude thousands of years of triviality.