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Frank CossaFrank Cossa

Frank Cossa, a native of the Bronx, has won international awards as a playwright, (for The Queen’s Knight) filmmaker, (for The Expert) and author of fiction, (for Cloud Shadows). He divides his time between Manhattan and Charleston, South Carolina, where he is Professor of Art History and Film Studies.

The Bishop and the Boys

An Irish priest and a female TV Talk Show “journalist” (carrying considerable personal baggage of their own) investigate a Bishop accused of molesting an altar boy fifteen years earlier and\or protecting pedophile priests in his Diocese. The obviously confused “victim”, his openly avaricious mother, and a steely cold psychiatrist complicate the matter as does the dreamily detached Bishop himself. The play confronts this explosive issue from these varying viewpoints; as the conflicting agendas of the Church, the Media, the Law, and the Health industry, obscure the truth beyond recovery. The tone of the play is, of course, ironic.