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Gus Saxon

G. M. Saxon

G. M. Saxon is a husband, deeply in love with his wife of nineteen years, a father of five and a lover of science fiction. He earned a Bachelor degree in psychology with a minor in education from Columbia College and has worked in human services for over fourteen years. On his days off he is a substitute teacher. Since early childhood he loved to perform and has been involved in theater in one form or another for over twenty five years.


Stand In

Teachers having affairs with students have unfortunately become a common theme in the news. A betrayal of trust this horrendous captures our attention like a wreck on the highway; we are horrified by the event but just can’t seem to look away. In Stand in we face what happens the day after. Who picks up the pieces? What of the students, teachers and administrators? And what of the Substitute teacher called to fill in? When Evan Jaxson accepts a sub job for the rest of the week he has no idea how complicated his life is about to become. His teenage daughter informs him this was no routine bought of the flu. The rumor mill says its sexual misconduct. Three months latter what actually happened still isn’t clear but surviving the aftermath has been like a surfer riding out a tidal wave on a toothpick.