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Jack LoscutoffJack Loscutoff

Jack Loscutoff was born and raised in San Francisco, California, but has taught writing and literature courses at several institutions of higher learning in the Midwest. Area newspapers and literary journals have printed his poems, memoirs and short stories. In 2006 Rough Magic Productions of Lincoln, Nebraska, staged a one-act play of his. In the same year he self-published a science fiction novel entitled The Cloud of Doom. He is currently working on a sequel and lives in Omaha with his two cats.

My Heart’s in the Highlands

This play could be subtitled “The Education of Maxwell Fine.” Among other things, it’s a study of the differences formal education can make. Two men who ordinarily would never meet are thrown together in the same hospital room. Randall Blunt has been exposed to very little formal schooling while Maxwell has experienced a great deal of it. Each learns something from the other; but Maxwell, the “educated” one, ironically learns more from Randall, who says he dropped out at the seventh grade and “never learned nothing.” What Maxwell learns is how to get beyond his prejudices and appreciate another human being for no less but also for no more than what he is.