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J. B. Tyson

J.B. Tyson

J.B. Tyson was born in Omaha, Nebraska and came up with the idea of Confessions while walking past St. Celica’s Cathedral while walking home one night. He heard a group of boys yelling at each other and he went from there. Tyson holds a Master’s in English and Film Studies, enjoys painting, and is now working on a full length play. He resides in Omaha with his wife and three children.



Confessions is a play in one that takes place in a confessional after a shooting of a shop owner. The main characters are SMACK, a boy of 17, and a PRIEST, who is hearing confessions in the church. The play is simply a conversation between the two main characters. Smack is forced to stay in the confessional because the police are looking for him and he is the person who shot the shop owner. He is hiding for his life and during the conversation with the Priest, we visit Smack’s present (we visit his mother at work) and his past (we visit his early childhood and see the event that shaped his future). Through the one act, Smack comes to terms with what he has done and what he has to do.