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Jennie FranksJennie Franks

"A few years ago when I knew I was serious about writing plays, I started the TELLURIDE PLAYWRIGHTS FESTIVAL, a small festival, where each year we bring playwrights to the beautiful secluded town of Telluride high in the Rocky Mountains, to work with a small tight group of actors and directors from all over the world, in an intense and intimate setting for a week. We then do a reading of the play for the community and the playwright gets to hear the audience comments. The Festival is a starting off point for the playwright to take the play to the next level. I am hoping to be able to do this at Great Plains with Dr. Freeman & Hilda. The play came to me very quickly after stumbling upon the life of Dr. Walter Freeman, America's most famous lobotomist who without much help from me appears to be a larger than life character."

Dr. Freeman & Hilda

The play is a one -act comic look at a serious subject that deals with the idea of what is normal in mental health versus the vitality of a vivid inner life that refuses to be restrained. When Hilda feels that it is no longer possible for her to conform to a banal existence and the 'torment of artists and poets' are her only comfort, she pays a visit to Dr. Freeman. Dr. Walter Freeman was the inventor of the 'ice-pick' lobotomy and performed over 2000 operations in this country. The methods used in the play, as barbaric as they seem, are all true.