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John GasperJohn Gasper

Currently a student of Theatre/English at SUNY Geneseo, John Gasper is always looking ahead of and behind him at the same time, so much so that he is caught firmly in the present and can’t seem to escape it. His other works include Operative Imaginative, a ten-minute play that premiered this season at the Shelterbelt Theatre as part of their “Shelterskelter Horror Festival.” He also co-wrote and directed Gorilla, a multi-part epic about the nature and humanity of confinement as seen through the eyes of, yes, a gorilla.

And On The Day We Rested

A tale of heart and hate. Throughout one day Adam, unemployed, attempts to erase the afflictions of his past while staying true to the present; Eveline, Adam’s mother, sleeps with the past under her pillow and dreams of a similar future; Joe, Adam’s brother (married), only wants to live; and Mary, Adam’s sister-in-law, knows what she wants and knows that what she has right at the present moment isn’t it. And we wonder how far deep the blood flows, only to realize that we are all naked underneath our skin.