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Joshua DanielJoshua Daniel

Joshua Daniel is a twenty-two year old student from Mercy College. He grew up with TV and action figures and it is there he learned how to bring characters to life. He has been writing ever since he can remember, and will continue writing until he forgets how to remember. He would say he enjoys pushing the limits of his medium whether it is a blog, a book, or a stage, and loves creating stories with interesting individuals interacting with each other. He would say he loves seeing people react emotionally to his work, whether it be laughing or crying. I would tell you he’s a good writer and very clever, but what do I know, I’m just a paragraph, and a biased one at that.

The Switch!

The Switch! is a short play involving a technique where all the characters switch places. It takes place in a 1920’s study, where a girl has been murdered. A detective and constable are called to investigate, and the girl’s brother, uncle, maid, and boyfriend are all suspects. Whenever someone yells, “the switch!” the lights go out, and two or more characters have switched positions and titles. The boyfriend, the only one aware of this switch, is helpless to watch the detective become the maid, the maid become the uncle, and etcetera. It becomes a game as each of the actors is called to play a multitude of roles in a short amount of time.