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Rosalie Vetter

Garphelia Birks (aka Rosalie Vetter)

This is the first attempt at playwriting for Rosalie Vetter, whose pen name is her grandmother’s: Garphelia Birks. Former teacher, former co-director of a community children’s theater, mother of an actress and a strongman, wife of her hero, Vetter’s love of the written word has resulted in publication of several magazine articles. Her call to write plays comes from the drive to share life’s observations in the resulting vignettes.


7-Up and Soda Crackers

A vivid childhood memory filled with television theme songs, toasts to 7-Up and soda crackers and the persistence of time clarifies a grandmother’s relationship with both her own grandmother and her granddaughter. This one act is about how traveling the same paths of simple family traditions can enhance the understanding of life’s experiences.