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Tracie HodgonSally Van Gelder (aka Tracie Hodgdon)

Tracie Hodgdon has spent much of her years onstage in a variety of genres from Shakespeare to Cabaret. Indeed it was while attending the Cabaret Conference at Yale University in the summer of 2007 that she was encouraged to delve into the writing and directing aspects of theatre. Fulfilling a promise to her mother, that if she ever used her writing talents she would take on her great-grandmother’s name as a pseudonym, Tracie becomes Sally Van Gelder. Tracie resides in the Minneapolis, Minnesota suburb of Richfield with her husband and two sons while continuing to pursue a career in theatre. While this is her first attempt at play writing, she has performed with such Twin Cities groups as Flaneur Productions, Bedlam Theatre, Actor’s Theatre of Minnesota and the Great American History Theatre in St. Paul.


A rooftop in Manhattan is a meeting place for neighbors, the scene of a crime, and a safe haven for Alyce and Erik, an unlikely pair of friends. Alyce is a rent-stabilized, hard-boiled artiste of the old school and Erik is a young up and coming condo owner from small-town Minnesota learning the ins and outs of New York’s harsher realities. We meet the neighbors from the building next door which overlooks their rooftop, Rosi Ramirez, a long-time best friend of Alyce, Rosi’s son, Joey, and Mr. Becchio, the gruff old curmudgeon with a heart of gold and undying love for his cancer-stricken wife. As the landlords are trying to buy Alyce out of her apartment, she seeks refuge on the roof and in the company of her friends.