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Plays  on Props and Plays on Sleepers Dr. V. Arumugham

Are you interested in writing plays.
Why do you choose play writing for your “ART OF EXPRESSION”.
Really do you want to tell something new to the people.
I do write plays.
How I am different  from others.
Whether am I telling new things to the people through my plays.
Why the audience come to the theatre?
To see..
To see, the audience should be awaken
One Question
In the entire history of play writing has any playwright told the audience to sleep. 
My character is telling the audience to sleep.
Do you thing the audience will sleep.
You can also experiment.

You can write a play on “The Sleep” or about “The Sleeper” or  about “ The Sleepers”
 My Plays  “ The Sleepers”, “The Sleepers in the Wax Palace” and  “Let the Actor open his Eyes” all are based on the concept of  Sleep.
Any one can write any number of plays based on the concept of  Sleep.

This is one concept of my way of play writing.

My another concept is based on “Props”
It is called “Props Theatre”

Take any property or an object  Analyze it in all dimensions. Play with it. You will find so many Images. Arrange the images in  a order. Find a suitable theme for that images. Develop the theme in to a play.
The play is ready.
My plays “The Block – Whirl”, “The Needle”, “The Mirage” and
 “Actors Are Not Allowed”   all were written based on the above method.

You can try