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Re-Mix Reality Tom Riccio

Our lives are shaped by the pre-existing worlds we inherit. Conscious of it or not, the work playwrights do is all about receiving, transforming, and creating. The act of playwrighting is, in essence, how to adopt, appropriate and adapt to create something original. The work of the playwright is to reiterate, re-imagine and re-invent the world. Every play text has been inspired or often taken, whole or in part, from other texts, myths, scenarios, styles, genres and traditions. There are no originals; we live in the re-mix world. How to effectively synthesize disparate pre-existing texts into startlingly new theatrical expressions will be the focus of this workshop. What material, what “texts”, where to find them, how to work with them? How to begin, how to trust discovery, chance, happenstance, and the process? How do you play, work and shape the abundance of sources that surrounds you? What is the role, function, and perspective of the playwright in the re-mix reality you are surfing? Listening to one’s instinct and conversing creatively with the world and yourself is essential. This workshop will offer up practical exercises and approaches for beginning and intermediate level playwrights.