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Subliminal Tom Riccio

Where do I go, where do I find, how do I get to the nerve of myself, my world, my moment on earth? The real deal is underneath and in between, it’s not something you can touch or see, but rather something you feel, intuit and attract. The answer is in you. What and how you will write starts with accepting who you are, your likes, dislikes, fears, phobias, dreams, and fantasies. Then going deeper. The conscious mind is a filter, it’s a construct, a censor, we’ve all been socialized, educated and colonized. But you are somewhere in there. The role of the playwright is to go where others do not, cannot go. Being a playwright requires courage to spelunk the netherworld, wrestle and dance with the shadows, and then show the rest of us what we will not or cannot see. This workshop is about exploration and discovery of self and resources. It is about getting to the subliminal self, getting comfortable, and dealing with what you come up with. This workshop will be all about practical exercises. Beginning and intermediate level playwrights should come prepared to write.