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Writer Jennifer Berry's well-known play Big Pharma received rave reviews from LA Weekly, The Denver Post, The San Francisco Examiner and “Gerri Garner Entertainment File” on American Radio Network. Big Pharma was also featured on PBS in Fall 2007. Jennifer is the author of several additional plays including Permanently Missing, which she also directed. The Daily Camera declared Berry “an author creating heroines for our time” and the direction for Permanently Missing “flawless.” Berry’s play The Three Types of Sex, was revered as “captivating” by The Denver Post. She is also the author of the children’s book The Prayer Box and a children’s animation series “Rosetta’s World.” Jennifer is a former radio host and writer for the popular radio program “Zocalo” on Southern California’s NPR American Public Media network KPCC 89.3. Her newest play “Ojala” had its world premiere at Casa 0101 in Los Angeles on May 7, 2010. Jennifer is the proud mother of two year old twins.

After All

Two women reunite on the eve of an art opening. Are they friends or just survivors of an unspeakable loss? Does time exist in linear form or do we live falling back? Does motherhood change your future even when you planned for it? Meet Sue and Marsha in their forties, in their thirties and in their twenties as they try to piece together loss, longing, love and running away.