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Jack Frederick is a 22 year old graduate of Sociology at SUNY Geneseo who thinks that despite what the New York Times will tell you, our generation is not lazy, it is not disjointed, and it is not without a voice. It merely rejects acts of protest and "having a point" as utterly unnatural to animal nature. We are the generation of the wild, creatures of the night running in packs as we bark at the moon and snoop into the garbage that the other generations left out in the rain. He is also a charter member of the Church of Mac Wellman.

I Wouldn’t Piss Down Your Throat If Your Lungs Were On Fire

A white, American college boy awakes after a fatal car accident in Baton Rouge to find that rather than being in a hospital, he is in a big white bathtub filled to the brim with freezing cold water. He soon discovers he is in the middle of a run down shack in the dark, dirty swamps of Louisiana and that standing above him is a One-Eyed Black Widow with a web filled with nothing but the desperation of America.