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A recent graduate from SUNY Geneseo, John is finally free of the bonds of the educational system and is looking forward to a new life in the theatre with his friends in the St. Fortune Production Co. A ragtag group, they hope to establish their own homegrown blend of psychedelic grassroots theater somewhere in the South, or somewhere in the North, or somewhere in general, so long as it’s somewhere. Some of John’s shorter works have recently been produced in the New Orleans Fringe Festival, and he made his international debut with his play “Family Values” at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand while studying abroad this past semester. A participant in last year’s Play Lab series, John is glad to be back in the breadbasket of the United States, Omaha Nebraska, baking up all sorts of new plays at the Great Plains Theatre Conference.


Desperately trying to escape from his cold and horrifying past, N seeks solace in multiple layers of sweaters and a two-man bar in the middle of the Texas desert, the barman and unsettlingly suave O his only company. The sudden appearance of a strangely evocative woman in the middle of the road in the dead of night may offer N an escape from the past, but O also his eye on this beautiful stranger.