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Guy Frederick Glass GUY FREDRICK GLASS
Guy Fredrick Glass is a playwright who is also a psychiatrist. His play, Doctor Anonymous, has had readings at ActorsNet of Bucks County in Pennsylvania, Ganymede Arts in Washington, D.C. and Woodstock Fringe in New York City. Another full-length play, The Last Castrato had a reading by Luna Stage in New Jersey. Two of Guy’s short plays, Healing and The Therapeutic Hour, have been staged in New Jersey and were published in Smith and Kraus’s Best Ten Minute Plays of 2007 series. In addition, Healing has been produced in New York and in England, and The Therapeutic Hour has had readings in Tokyo and New York. Another short play, A Night at the Opera received a reading at the Great Plains Theatre Conference in 2007.

Doctor Anonymous

It is 1972. Gay Americans live in fear that exposure will lead to the loss of their jobs and social standing. The psychiatric establishment, rather than offering them hope and dignity, confirms their fears that they are defective. A few brave psychiatrists yearn to buck the trend, but they, too, live with the fear their livelihoods could be in danger. Doctor Anonymous is the story of one of these healers, his struggle to accept himself, and to help others. The play is loosely based on historical events which ultimately led to the deletion of homosexuality from the American Psychiatric Association’s list of diagnoses in 1973.