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In 2002, his monologue, REMINISCE, was published in Horizons Literary Magazine. In the summer of 2004, The Eclectic Company Theatre had an equity production of his play, AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL, in North Hollywood. His one-act play, ACRONYM, was staged for an AIDS benefit at the Spartanburg Little Theatre in South Carolina. The Gallery Players of Brooklyn staged his play, THE SEX OF OUR LIVES, during their 8th Annual Black Box New Play Festival. In October of 2005, his play, THE ETHAN HAWKE THING, was staged for the AT/WAS Theatre Company in New York City. In August of 2006, his play, CABIN ECHOES, premiered at The Complex in West Hollywood. His play, TO DARFUR, was published by Smith and Kraus Publishing in The Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2008 (3 actors or more). His play, PROPERTY OF AFRICA, was staged in May of 2008 during the Tenth Annual Boston Theater Marathon.

Same Only Different

A drive-by at an apartment complex in Los Angeles shakes up the lives of three male roommates, forcing them to come to terms with the fact that their lives are not going in the direction they had anticipated.