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Elaine Kuracina does solo vocal concerts, acts in films and theater, has directed and teched. She researched, wrote and travels in her one woman musical "Diamond Lil, On Stage." "Forever Cows" was a multimedia theatrical event for the Bicentennial of Canton, NY for which she researched the history, took IT classes to make a film, designed the lighting and sound, cast it and directed. She learned from the late playwright Leonard Melfi and artistic director Angelo Zuccolo as a member of the Melfi Repertory Company. She portrayed a Melfi scene for a tribute to him at la Mama, NYC, 2008 Currently, she works with the Dept. of Dance/Drama, SUNY Potsdam.

American Muse

WHO IS SHE? WHERE IS SHE? Action of the play intersects, overlaps and interacts between 1991 – the Ogdensburg Psychiatric Center where the Old Audrey is about to celebrate her 100th Birthday and 1906, New York City, where the young Audrey Munson is discovered and becomes the most famous artists’ model in the world. The dialogue is fashioned from the words of the real people. The characters and incidents are dramatized from historical records. The short scenes have the pacing of streaming memories

Biography of Audrey - Audrey Munson, born in Mexico, NY on June 8, 1891 and was the Muse/ Model for Beaux Artists, NYC, 1906-1924. With a murder scandal, a change in the art aesthetics, she was declared depressed and paranoid. Audrey died in 1996, living 65 yrs. in a mental institution.