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James Marlow boxing ring JAMES MARLOW

James Marlow teaches literature, drama, and creative writing at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. He has an A.B. from Dartmouth College and a PhD from the University of California at Davis. His only book is Charles Dickens: The Uses of Time. He has written several unproduced screenplays, and has been writing short plays for the stage. The short plays that have received readings in NYC and New Bedford, MA, include “The Package,” “The Engraved Ring,” “Office Setting,” “Tea for Two,” “The Realtor and the Realist.” The full-length The Void was given a staged reading in 2005. A comedy with the pretentious title of ”The Case for Plagiarism, or Pirandellismo or less,” is being given a reading at Culture Park in New Bedford in 2009. He has written book and lyrics for a Dickens musical, Our Mutual Friend. Full-lengths Accident Reports and Crossing the Bridge are in submission.

Accident Reports

In each of the four scenes, three different members of the family of six act out and later debate the events, or “accidents,” that make them who they are. Each of the three children see their lives in the family differently, but attempt to get beyond the sense of their own injuries to achieve a composite knowledge which will piece together the secrets that no one of them knows fully, and thus trace the etiology of their imperfect souls, the human results of these “accident reports.”