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2010 Play Lab Playwrights


play lab Joe Barnes Monsters
Monica Bauer My Occasion of Sin
Kristine Bauske Chloe Nelson and the Remarkable, Unusual, Foolproof Retirement Plan
Jennifer Berry After All
Skot Davis Carry Me
Elizabeth Ellison The Minute Hand
Matthew Everett “Leave (or The Surface of the World)”
William Fowkes The German Lesson
  Jack Frederick I Wouldn’t Piss Down Your Throat If Your Lungs Were On Fire
play lab John Gasper Strychnine
Guy Fredrick Glass Doctor Anonymous
Neeley Gossett Breadcrumb Sins
Benjamin Graber Heteronormativity
Directed by Julia Hinson
Jonathan Graham Irrational Exuberance
Erik Christian Hanson Same Only Different
Andrea L. Hart "richochet"
  Richard Martin Hirsch Apogee +26
  Ken Kaissar The Victims or What Do You Want Me To Do About It?
Play lab Trina Kakacek Attachment Disorder
Ellen Kapland Soul of the City
Carolyn Kras Whistleblower
Elaine Kuracina American Muse
Michele Aldin Kushner Advanced Women
Greg LeGault Frost
Audra Lord Speed Dating!
James Marlow Accident Reports
James Royce McGuire The Seventh Chakra
  Amanda Louise Miller No Saint
  Anna Moench Great Eastern
  Tira Palmquist Frequency of Stars and Other Matter
Play lab Thomas Riccio TNB
Directed by Greg Jaxies
David Rush Germinous Seeds
Mark Scharf Fortune's Child
Brian Silberman The Yip
Judah Skoff Tremble
Cathy Tempelsman A Most Dangerous Woman (changed from The Lifted Veil)
  Melisa Tien Familium Vulgare
  D. Richard Tucker If Spiders Made Honey
Directed by Derrick Crawford
  Andrew Vaught Mule Food
  Aaron Zavitz Intelligentsia