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Thomas Riccio is a performance creator, writer, director and activist and has worked in Alaska, Africa, Siberia, and Asia. Recent: Performing Africa: Remixing Tradition, Theater and Culture, Peter Lang; playwright, Some People, Orange Oranges, and So There for Project X Dallas. He is a Professor of Performance and Aesthetic Studies at UTD.


Spooky returns home and he’s black or at least he thinks he is. He has just been released from an institution and is in love Charlene; he has never met her but he believes together they will heal the world. Teddi, the twin brother is not happy with crazy Spooky’s sudden appearance. The ambitious, impatient, and suspicious Teddi is everything Spooky is not. However, blood is the river they both live on and they vow to cover each other’s back. Storm Crow, a timeless African man-spirit appears to rectify Spooky’s shit. Is Spooky black or white? Is Spooky a ghost, or is he delusional, caught in a trap, somehow manipulated by the historical machine? What’s real, what is not? Mama Lucy puts Spooky’s feet back on the ground but there is no stopping the night from becoming a passage to another way of being.