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Judah Skoff's plays have been performed at the Abingdon Theatre, The Salon, The Theatre-Studio, the State Theatre of New Jersey, New York University, and Bergen Community College. Most recently, his play Blackie Greyhound's Rhythm and Blues was performed at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference, in Valdez, Alaska, and two of his monologues were performed as part of the first-annual Last Frontier Monologue Workshop. His playwriting awards include: the National Young Playwright's Festival, two New Jersey Governor's Awards in the Arts, and the New Jersey Young Playwright's Festival. He has been a finalist in numerous national playwriting competitions, including: the New Century Writer's Awards, the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary One-Act Play Contest, and the American Renegade Theatre's National Playwriting Competition. His poetry has been published in Red River Review. Judah studied playwriting at Brown University, where he received a degree in English, and New York University. His newest play, Tremble, was developed at the Playwright’s Theatre of New Jersey.


Tremble is set in Charleston, South Carolina on the night before the wedding of Charles and Laura. Charles takes a walk along the streets of Charleston and he returns with very disturbing news. He tells Laura that he cannot marry her because he saw a vision, a messenger from God, telling him his life was destined to take another path. Devastated, Laura and her mother Nicole turn to an old family friend, Jack, to convince Charles that his vision was simply the product of drunken nervousness before his wedding. The situation becomes more serious and desperate as Charles clings to his newfound faith, causing fury and rage against him, leading to a shocking conclusion