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Teri Fender


Teri is a veteran of the Great Plains Theater Conference, having participated every year since its inception.  Past favorite performances include: Carla Albanese in a concert version of Arthur Kopit’s Nine in 2006, Mrs. Havilland in an abbreviated performance of Doug Wright’s Wildwood Park in 2008, Claretta Petacci in the staged reading of Mac Wellman’s Bellagio, or Of All Things Made of Metal, or When Grandpapa Had Daddy Shot in 2009, and Baydzar “BB” Bagabagayan in the Mainstage reading of Kevin Artigue’s Lost Sharks in 2010. Teri is a longtime Omaha community theater actor, having performed at nearly every venue over the span of twenty-plus years.  Some of her more recent favorite roles: Mrs. Daldry in In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play,Edward Hyde #4 and various roles in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Trisha in Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, Mayor Maggie/Ron Taylor in Bat Boy: The Musical, and Olivia Darnell in Shakespeare in Hollywood.