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Doug Hayko


Doug Hayko holds a BA in English Literature and Theatre from Creighton University. Known for developing experimental performance pieces that push the boundaries of audience expectation and decorum, his work has been shown at various venues in and around Omaha. Far Away in the Orchard and East of 72nd: Disrupting the Omaha Landscape in Six Acts both premiered at the Bemis Underground in 2005 and 2007, respectively. Other notable works include OT’08 at the UNO’s NU Ways/NU Works festival, Toxic Cleanup and Petition at the BEMIS08 Creativity Festival, RED at the Bemis Underground, Sickened at the Shelterbelt Theatre, Red State/Blue State/Green State/Socialist State which took place at the corner of 11th & Jackson in Omaha, and Toxic Lawn Care appeared at a private residence in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Most recent works include Extraordinary Rendition in collaboration with artist Tim Guthrie at the Bemis Underground in November 2010 and Fag Shoot! at the Science Fair in January 2011. He received Best New Media Artist nominations at the Omaha Arts and Entertainment Awards in 2007, 2008, and 2009 with a win in 2008.  He lives in Omaha.