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Mary Hepburn


Mary Hepburn was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and claims a strong tie to the great plains. Though the shaggy grasslands that once gripped Willa Cather’s heart also grip hers, she has since relocated to Portland, Oregon where she studies English with a focus on narrative technique at Reed College. Mary first experienced life with the talented group of actors that is  ætherplough in December of 2009, in the group’s second annual guerilla caroling tour through downtown Omaha. In the warmth of cozy flats between mugs of hot chocolate, Mary witnessed among those artists the spontaneous fire of interaction that tends to create masterpieces. She quickly assented to Susann Supernant’s request to have her back in the group, and is now happily playing the role of Daisy Vivian in Artist and Protector of Children: The Life of Henry Darger.