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Shannon Jaxies


Shannon proudly splits her time between many amazing projects: during the school year, she is a professional actor with RESPECT2, an organization that goes into schools doing plays and workshops about bullying, dating violence, and other social issues with students all over Nebraska and Iowa.  RESPECT2 is very excited to be premiering a new play dealing with GLBTQ bullying issues at their Anti-Bullying conference this summer.  When not in schools, she also works as the personal assistant for local designer Princess Lasertron, making accessories and bouquets for brides all over the world out of vintage buttons and felt.  And, Shannon has just been elected the Publicity Manager for Blue Barn’s Witching Hour, a late night devised theatre company she has been involved with since 2005.  In her free time, if she has it, ever, she likes to see her poor neglected dog. Or sleep.  Sleep is good.