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Tym Livers


Tym Livers  Off spring of a thespian family, Tym started acting as a ‘babe in arms’, literally before he could walk.  His first speaking role was in “Davey Crockett” at the Omaha Community Playhouse back on 40th and Davenport. Other child roles followed in Auntie Mame at the Chanticleer and Julius Ceasar at Omaha Community Playhouse at its current location on Cass Street.    Some time later the Grande Olde Players renewed his interest in theater, letting him thump bass in A  USO Christmas, direct the choir in Our Town, and again serve Auntie Mame, this time as Ito, the houseboy.  Tym has appeared three times now at the Great Plains Theatre Conference.  This year, he played the despicable Bob Ewell in To Kill A Mockingbird at the Chanticleer Theater.  And he can also be found on stage with his bass backing up either Jazz Explosion at the Jackson Street Tavern or Honey Creek Jazz at various sessions.