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Donald Seaman


Donald grew up in America, where he built an impressive resume on the amateur napping circuit.  In 2005 he bested 3X champion Herb “Nap Daddy” Utzal for the world title, winning the coveted Golden Fleece.  Success went to his head and it was sugar crashes and drool on the couch for the better part of 5 years.  Fame is a fickle mistress.  His therapist recommended a hobby like cross-stitching or building mobiles out of dried fruit, but Donald didn’t want the aggravation, so he began reading.  Reading opened his eyes.  No, really, it made him open his eyes.  Forget booze, forget dope, forget that new drug, Charlie Sheen; words became Donald’s drug of choice.  He took the drug and the drug took him to places he’d never been like the Hundred Acre Wood, Busytown, Mulberry Street and a bullring in Spain.  He loves bacon more than outer space.  True story.