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Carolyn Nur Wistrand plays have been developed and staged in New York City with The Negro Ensemble Company (Rising, Magdalena’s Crossing); New Perspectives (9 Steps From St. Anne’s Street); Love Creek Productions & Open Eye (Second Coming); Los Angeles: Bilingual Foundation for the Arts (Virgins Of Guadalupe); Chicago: ICWP (The Gambler’s Earrings). In 2010, she was one of six finalists in Echo Theatre’s National Women’s Playwriting Competition, Dallas, Texas (The Gambler’s Earrings). For the African Writer’s Series, she adapted Nawal El Saadawi's novel, Woman at Point Zero and poetry of the late South African political activist, Dennis Brutus. Published plays: Africa World Press (Beauty in Black Performance), One Act Play Depot, Canada (Ida B. and the Lynching Tree, Second Coming, Mean Molly), Carmel Publishers, India (Tahirih). Since 2008, Elena Araoz has collaborated as dramaturges/director on all new work. Carolyn lectures in African, African American, and Multicultural Theatre in the Dept. of Africana Studies, University of Michigan-Flint.


On the eve of Lincoln drafting the Emancipation Proclamation, Helen Bruce, a young African American schoolteacher is recruited by a small band of abolitionists to go behind the Confederate line to begin a night class for freed slave women designated contraband by the Union. As Helen begins teaching in an abandoned plantation on St. Helena Island, South Carolina, her brother Fletcher Walker, a fugitive from the law, plots to free Brigid Tally, a pregnant Irish immigrant, shackled in a Baltimore penitentiary for carrying his child. Shifting between the North and South, this is the story of Americans, black and white, discovering the cost of freedom.