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Dan O’Neil is a playwright and screenwriter residing in Pittsburgh, PA, as he completes his final year at Carnegie Mellon University  in pursuit of an M.F.A. in Dramatic Writing.   Recently: The Wind Farmer received a workshop production at Carnegie Mellon, his latest screenplay, Dear Radioactive One, received a $15,000 award from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and he was commissioned to create 50 micro plays for Articulture, a C.S.A. for art lovers in Pennsylvania.  Other plays include Baggage, 10/14, Static (commissioned and performed by middle school students in Woodbury, MN), Where Did I Put My Brain? (with Paul Zaloom), and kite&mountain (2009 Red Eye Works-in-Progress grant recipient.)  As an actor/performer, Dan has appeared in more than forty productions including the hit indie-rock musical Idigaragua with rock band Fort Wilson Riot.  Visit for more!

The Wind Farmer

A rookie field representative makes an unannounced visit to a remote farmland in an attempt to both purchase a portion of the farmer’s land for wind development and to help him save the farm from collapsing under a mounting debt soon to come due. As a storm blows in, the two men face off in the windiest place on earth. The farmer’s daughter has other ideas and sees the field rep as her way out. By morning, the farmer is unexpectedly dead and everything - the futures of both the field rep and the daughter as well as the future of the wind farm - hang in the balance of a dead man’s signature. The power shifts. The pinwheels spin. The turbines take over.