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Dan Weber is a VP, Associate Creative Director at the global ad agency Publicis in New York. He has written award-winning ads for clients such as Pillsbury, Burger King, Pampers, Hawaiian Punch and Crest. He is on the faculty of Pratt Institute where he teaches advertising. Provenance is Dan’s second play. It was named a Semifinalist for the 2011 O’Neill Playwriting Conference.  His first play, Private Mercy, won Third Prize in the Julie Harris/Beverly Hills Theatre Guild Playwriting Competition. Dan received his BA from Cornell and has taken graduate level playwriting classes with Derek Walcott and Romulus Linney. He lives in Great Neck, NY with his wife, three children and a teacup Maltese.


During a rigorous examination of a wine collection in preparation for an upcoming auction, a Sotheby’s wine expert, Georges, and his student, Ana, discover a mysterious case of vintage champagne. Its provenance may or may not include the devastating history of plunder in Nazi-occupied France. Ana and her social climbing husband David are drawn into this tale of wine and war when during a tasting at their home, the champagne’s provenance comes into question. Events are set in motion which result in an explosive examination of the history, motives and identities of all those involved. In this story of war, greed and forgery it seems no one presents a true picture of who they are.