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Ken Greller’s plays include This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (Carol Weinberg Award for Best New Play, Baltimore Playwright’s Festival), Ta-Da! (Great Plains Theatre Conference; Colorado State University) and Never, Never, Never (Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower) He attended the National Theatre Institute, the Kennedy Center Playwriting Intensive and The Park School of Baltimore. This past winter he participated in the Sundance Theatre Institute’s Playwrights Retreat at Ucross. Originally from Baltimore, MD by way of Teaneck, NJ, Ken is currently living in New York and studying in the Department of Dramatic Writing at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.


When mostly former punk rockers Huck and Nancy realize they’re having a child, they know their lives are going to change forever. What they don’t expect is the 6-foot-tall precocious freak of nature they’re stuck with three years later. Worse yet, the baby still doesn’t have a name, and with a very rigorous private school admissions test on the way, this could pose quite the problem. Ta-Da! is a hilarious half-romp half-punk rock show that explores what it means to be a parent in the age of Baby Einstein when all you really long for are the Ramones.