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Madeline was last seen in several states across the Midwest in the Nebraska Theatre Caravan’s tour of A Christmas Carol. She wore penguin footie pajama’s on the tour bus. Before that, she was in several shows around the Omaha area including, Various Callers in Talk Radio at the Blue Barn Theatre, Sima in The Fiddler On The Roof at The Omaha Community Playhouse, and McKenna in Mrs. Jenning’s Sitter at The Shelterbelt. She also had her first production as a playwright with her original script, Mountain Birds, at The Shelterbelt in July 2010. She is an Aide for the Omaha School Foundation’s Kid’s Club. In her spare time Madeline likes to write, cook, travel and count her freckles. So far, she’s found 347 freckles on her face. She also has a thing for terrible local commercial jingles, movies with no plot lines and imitating Ke$ha. Ha!

The Cell

The Cell is a play about good versus evil. It is a play about circumstance; it is a play about connection. Three people speak from their prison cells about their past, the present and what has led them to a future behind bars. These people are not bad, nor are they good, they are human. It is for you, the audience, to decide their guilt (and what guilt means) and whether fate has dealt them the right card.