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Michael W. Moon is a Playwright and Scenic Designer living in Chicago. He is an ensemble member of the Buffalo Theatre Ensemble, a tier one equity company in residence at the college. After nearly 30 years in theatre Michael began writing his own scripts for the stage.  He has had performances of his pieces produced in Chicago, North Carolina, New York and Boston. He continues to write and design for the stage.

Shadow of Your Smile

The shadow of Your Smile is a love story.  It is the story of two people who have given up on love only to find it again on an improvised dance floor on a lonely afternoon.  Bill, an overweight plumbing salesman with lost dreams of being a ballroom dancer and Sheri, a wandering soul who has wandered home, meet on a lonely afternoon in a neighborhood bar and find that the touch of another can complete your life in ways you thought were no longer possible.  With the help of a world weary bartender Joe, and the strains of melodic jazz, Bill and Sheri hold close to each other, twirl away and come back into each other’s arms in a dance of tenderness and dreams coming true.