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Monica Raymond’s play, The Owl Girl, won the the Clauder Gold Medal, the Peacewriting Prize, the Castillo Award for Political Theater, and was featured at Portland Stage’s Little Festival of the Unexpected. She has been a Jerome Fellow at the Playwrights Center in Minneapolis and a MacDowell Colony fellow. Novices appeared in Best Short Plays of 2009 (Smith and Kraus)and Creche in 35 in 10 (Dramatic Publishing). Raymond has performed with the street theater troupe Class Acts, and toured in "An Olive on the Seder Plate," (a revue by and for American Jews about Israel/Palestine). She's published poetry in the Colorado Review, the Iowa Review, the Village Voice, and in the last thirteen issues of She has served on the advisory board of Women Playwrights International and has taught writing at Harvard, the Boston Museum School, the University of Massachusetts and the City University of New York.

A to Z

A to Z is full-length play that follows the relationship between Annie (white) and Zafiya (African-American) through forty years and all the letters of the alphabet. Annie and Zafiya meet in 1968, when both are eighteen, when Annie comes to tutor Zafiya in reading at a juvenile detention center. At that point, their lives couldn’t be more different—Annie is a freshman at a prestigious college, while queer ghetto-born Zafiya is incarcerated.  Through the first act, their relationship ebbs and flows, through Annie’s increasing political awareness, her involvement with Zafiya’s activist brother, Tyrone, and Zafiya’s escape from the center.  When they reconnect twenty-five years later, the dynamic has changed--and each has information the other needs about Tyrone's death.