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Sarah Gancher is a playwright with a passion for epic stories, big ideas and deep comedy. Her full-lengths include Cataclysm (Squid Show, Deep Creek Mine in Telluride, CO), Seder (staged reading, NYU’s Goldberg Theater), Rubber Chicken Suite (The Tank, One Arm Red), The Kids’ Show: A Night of Children’s Entertainment for Supposed Adults (The Culture Project 45 Below), and Lovebird with a Mirror (Curious Noise Theatre). With partner Patricia Margit, she received a commission from the Budapest International Contemporary Drama Festival to translate István Tasnádi’s Hungarian verse comedy Finito (Magyar Zombi). She is currently writing lyrics for Chisa Hutchinson’s musical Tunde’s Trumpet (premiering 2011 via Summer Stage in NYC parks) and collaborating with The TEAM. Seder is part of 7th, a series of seven plays, sound installations, and site-specific performances exploring Budapest’s historic Jewish ghetto, the 7th District. 7th will be produced in collaboration with Budapest’s Sirály. Sarah earned her MFA from NYU in 2010.


Budapest, 2002. The old headquarters of the Hungarian KGB has reopened as a museum called the House of Terror. Erzsike is dying to visit - she once worked in the building as a lowlevel communist secretary. She's shocked to see her own photograph on the museum's Wall of Murderers. Erzsike hurries home. It's a big night: Erzsike's daughter Margit has asked their American neighbor David to lead her secular Jewish family's first-ever Passover seder. The guest of honor is Erzsike's daughter Judit, who hasn't been home in thirteen years. As the seder evokes images of oppression and liberation, Erzsike wrestles with memories of her actions under communism. She hides her distress - until she learns that Judit works at the House of Terror, and is personally responsible for putting her on the Wall of Murderers. Can Erzsike exonerate herself in her child's eyes? Based on a true story.