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Since the debut of his controversial, acclaimed play Down the Rabbit-Hole in 2004, Holiday’s works have been performed and received readings throughout the Rocky Mountain states. Two-time recipient of the Snow Drama Society’s Best Original Play (for Down the Rabbit-Hole and The Fact of Twilight), named as a finalist of the Rocky Mountain Theatre Association Festival, and an official selection of the Playwrights Showcase of the Western Region, Holiday’s plays have been hailed as “witty and fast-paced,”  “filled with great tension, almost palpable,” and “simple, wonderful stories of the human condition filled with beautiful, real people.” An alumnus of Brigham Young University-Idaho, Holiday grew up in Colorado, Utah, and Norway, and lives in Idaho with his wife and daughter.

Children of Jupiter

When Edwin Savage dies just before Thanksgiving, his six childhood friends return home, a place few of them have thought of in over a decade as they’ve grown apart from each other. It’s all they can do to endure the last rites, ensure that the secrets they’ve each entrusted to their departed friend were buried with him, get their inheritance, and return home to their “normal lives” as quickly as possible. But when impending weather traps them together for the holiday, the presence of a mysterious woman, the absence of a turkey, and the rumors that Edwin left behind a journal bring new meaning to dysfunction. Because for a widowed columnist, an unhappily married housewife, an unapologetic playboy, a sensible cooking show host, an abrasive real estate investor and her husband, and a morally liberal narcissist, trying to conceal secrets may prove less important than the discovery that family is...relative.