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William Whelan was raised on Staten Island, New York, and presently resides in New London, Connecticut.  Bill has an M.A. in Liberal Studies from Wesleyan University, with a concentration in Irish literature and playwriting. To pay the mortgage, he spent over twenty years working in the pharmaceutical industry, receiving an M.S. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Vermont.  Bill’s interest in Irish drama and history are the inspiration and basis for much of his writing. 

The Curmudgeon of Crossmaglen

Big Tom Devlin, an ex-IRA intelligence officer, cleans a contraband Armalite rifle; he’s awaiting his son Naill’s arrival from Dublin. Naill reveals that his girlfriend, Maeve, works at the Abbey Theatre. Big Tom persuades Naill to show a play he’s written about the IRA to Maeve for a critique. Maeve questions Big Tom about her mother;  she was executed by the IRA. Big Tom feels betrayed by Naill and Maeve. He refuses to divulge any information concerning the death of Maeve’s mother. Big Tom bursts through his front door badly wounded; he’s shot up the police station with his Armalite. Big Tom leaves a letter for Naill, then makes a last stand against the police.  Big Tom is killed. Naill and Maeve, on a Northern beach, witness her mother’s remains recovered from a shallow grave.