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Robert M. (Bob) Barr is a Phi Beta Kappa grad of the University of North Carolina and holds an MFA from the Yale School of Drama.  Due to the arrival of a much-loved first child shortly after graduation, he worked, outside the theatre, in marketing in New York, Baltimore and Washington for many years.  On retirement to NC, he returned to regional theatre as an actor at such venues as Burning Coal, the Olney, Studio Theatre, Washington Stage Guild, the Folger and the Shakespeare Theatre. He is a proud member of Actors Equity, the Playwrights Center and the Assn. for Jewish Theatre. He returned to playwriting, his first love, in 2000 and has since written four full-length and twelve 10 minute plays.  One full-length, Matchmakers, has just been published in the UK by Lazy Bee Scripts.  Three of his ten minute plays have been done recently in Alabama, North Carolina and Singapore. The play being read was inspired by Bob’s appearance as Bentley in the 2007 Olney Theatre production of The Constant Wife.


At the end of The Constant Wife, Constance Middleton, having achieved financial independence, leaves her unfaithful husband, John, to go off on holiday with old flame, Bernard. John has asked her to return. Inconstancy begins a year and a half later, in 1931. The holiday turned into a long trip. Due to the Depression, they have returned to Constance’s Mother’s home. John has gone through a crisis, recklessly spending and, ultimately losing his house in the Crash.  He arrives at Mrs. Culver’s to say he does want Constance back. While becoming business partners, Constance and Bernard have stopped being lovers, but Constance is unsure of what or whom she wants. When John’s ex-lover returns to seduce John anew, the situation becomes further complicated and Constance must act. With the help of a “Judges’ Bench”, comprised of the three women closest to her, Constance chooses…and her choice is surprising.