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Benjamin Graber

Benjamin Graber Benjamin Graber became a playwright at 61 after lurking at the 2006 Great Plains Theatre Conference (GPTC). Previously, he incarnated as a hippie doctor, a sex doctor, a psychiatrist and a neurobiologist co-authoring Woman´s Orgasm (1975). His paper in Medical Hypotheses (1981), The Cloacal Nerve, postulates the neural pathways for human orgasm. In 2002 the Kinsey Institute Library opened a collection of his papers.

His short plays, the co-authored Snipped, The Hippie and The Guru and End of Limerence, have been performed in Omaha at the Shelterbelt Theatre, the PS Collective and the University of Nebraska–Omaha (UNO) Theatre. End of Limerence has been performed 24 times as part of four different productions. His Party Favor was read at the 2007 Great Plains Theatre Conference. An M.D. without a bachelor´s degree, he is pursuing a master´s degree with the UNO Theatre Department. He lives in Omaha with his wife Cindie and his boxer Rex.