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Christopher Bostin

Christopher Bostin Christopher Bostin is from Alaska where his grandfather homesteaded (1953) in Chickaloon. After receiving his B.A. (University of Alaska–Anchorage) and M.F.A. (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill) and living in New York, he enjoys the consistent weather (72° and sunny) of Los Angeles. Theatre credits include originating the off-Broadway roles of Skeres in Kit Marlowe (Public) and Green in Ice Island (Melting Pot). Film and TV credits include M. Night Shymalan´s Unbreakable, Law and Order and Ed as well as several national commercials. He is a proud member of Circle East, the Actors Network, Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and Actors´ Equity Association. Other credits include Perseverance Theatre´s Amigos Blue Guitar, Tracers and his solo performances in Eric Bogosian´s Drinking in America and Pounding Nail in the Floor with My Forehead.