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Cynthia Glucksman

Cynthia Glucksman Cynthia Glucksman is a member of the Dramatist Guild and the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights. She completed her M.A. in English and Playwriting at California State University–Northridge in December 2007. Her thesis play, An Incurable Hole in the Wall, won the Graduate Research and Creative Works Symposium Award for Humanities. She has recently published two short plays with JAC Publications, Front Row and Break Even. She has also published her short story, The Surfaceer in the Northridge Review and translations of Yehuda Amichai poems in OnTheBus. Last spring, Glucksman brought her short play The Anti-Bride to the Great Plains Theatre Conference. Her plays Front Row, Doorman, The Fallen Caryatid and The Anti-Bride were read at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference over the last four consecutive years. Her first play, Doorman, was the centerpiece of the 2003 Chautauqua Theatre Festival in Santa Cruz, Cal. The following year, her play The Fallen Caryatid was featured in the festival.