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Fonzie Geary

Fonzie Geary Originally from Louisville, Ky., Fonzie Geary graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 2000 with a double major in psychology and theatre arts. He took his first formal playwriting class while in the graduate program at the University of Kentucky. Upon receiving his master´s, Geary moved on to the University of Missouri´s Ph.D. program where he resumed writing in Dr. David Crespy´s advanced playwriting class wherein he was instructed in nontraditional structure. Geary´s play received a concert reading at the Mizzou New Play Series in April 2007. He has also written three full-length screenplays, one short screenplay and several ten-minute and one-act plays. He has served as managing director of the Missouri Playwright´s Workshop in 2007. Geary was selected as finalist for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region V ten-minute play competition in 2008.