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Guy Glass

Guy Glass Guy Fredrick Glass is a psychiatrist who also writes plays. Healing and The Therapeutic Hour were staged at the 2007 Hackensack Theater and Playwright Festival in New Jersey. Healing was later staged at the Gene Frankel Theatre in New York. The Therapeutic Hour had a reading at the Dramatists Guild in New York under the auspices of the International Centre for Women Playwrights and a reading by the Tokyo International Players. Both plays have been accepted for publication by Smith & Kraus — Healing in 2007, The Best Ten-Minute Plays for Three or More Actors and The Therapeutic Hour in 2007, The Best Ten-Minute Plays for Two Actors. A Night at the Opera was included in the play lab at the 2007 Great Plains Theatre Conference. The Last Castrato had a reading in New York in July 2007. Glass is a member of the Woodstock Fringe Playwrights Unit.